KERNEL WORKSHOP : Metodologie e progettazione di un 3D Architectural Mapping // Roberto Fazio + Telenoika 
date : 2-3 luglio 2011 Location : Desio, Milano“Bring your head, build your tool”


The Architectural Mapping is an experimental technique of video-projection that allows you to define the geometry of an object or architecture using three-dimensional video content that emphasize the structure. The participants of the workshop “Methods and Architectural Design of a 3D mapping” will learn to understand all the various stages of preparation of a 3D Architectural Mapping plan and through reverse engineering of the work built by Roberto Fazio for Kernel Festival, we will analyze all the practical and theoretical aspects of product development.

When: 12 hours in 2 days: Saturday 2nd July, from 11am to 6pm (including 1 hour for lunch break) Sunday 3rd July, from 11am to 6pm (including 1 hour for lunch break)

Workshop structure It will analyze the main processes to carry out a 3D Architectural Mapping, starting from how the visual idea, the search for a tone, the feeling and the graphical style born, up to the actual construction projected on the architecture. During the workshop will be considered different approaches and methodologies to design the mapping, without focusing on the type of technology used but rather on how to properly set up a project of a functional 3D Architectural Mapping.

Professor: He has laboratories, workshops and discussions on 3d architectural mapping at meetings, institutions and festivals with the intent to spread knowledge that can become collective and create a network where we can expand the creativity through the artistic exchange.

Materials: participants should bring their laptops.