The Challenge
Bridgestone wanted their reseller to understand the importance of mounting the right tyre in the right season.
For this reason they organized together with agency “SAY WHAT?” a special event on the last floor of one the most important skyscraper of Milan.
They decided to use mapping technologies to add feeling and emotion to their communication strategy.
The issue was to find the best way to apply projection mapping on a single tire and to make the audience understand in just one minute, all the technical differences between the summer tyre (codename “Potenza S001″) and the winter one (Blizzak LM32).

The solution
After many briefs we decided to cover a single tyre with a special sheet and to project on it two different types of products. We decided to use the front part of the tyre instead of the side so to sink the audience in a subjective view, ranging all the possible enviroments. We utilized technical datas mixed up with realistic 3d enviroments covering all different grounds (winter, summer, ice, snow, etc.) and building a curved screen inside a black box. So too immerse the audience in a virtual world.

The result
This work is a very good example of how entertainment can be mixed up with product advertising. Dressed this way the marketing message  brings a wider range of “feelings” to the target. The product itself gains an higher identity and a complete new breath.
It has been a great experience for eveyone of us involved in the project.
And we are satisfied that clients and audience amused themselves inside our ”dark box full of colors”.

project manager: ALESSANDRO BIANCO
creative direction and video design: DANILO PARISE
3D mapping technicians: MICHELE FUCCI , ANDREA NADALINI
3D mapping supervisor: ROBERTO FAZIO
sound design: ANDREA DAMIANO
scenography: GEMA