Element.Map is an open source project that enhances the use of stereoscopic contents for 3d projection mapping. It is developed entirely in openFrameworks,  an open source C++ toolkit for creative coding.  Element.Map allows you to manage 3d stereoscopic video contents to project them onto architectural structures and volumes.

Basically it is a simple stereoscopic video player with some useful functions for  projection mapping projects such as Quad warping and Fine Warping. It works in side by side L/R and T/B activeAnagliph, and OpenGL modes. It is based on the stereo active mode and requires an OpenGL quad buffer hardware capability [ here ].

One of its main feature is the ability to broadcast Full HD 1920 x 1080 contents in photojpeg codec  up to 10 GB end even more.



For the moment you can mix up to 3 elements : a element.video, an element.image and a element.syphon source ( syphon server required  ). You just have to put your stereo video content into the /data/movies folder and then select the input source. Element accepts either mono channel, 2 different channel left and right, side by side left/right and side by side top/bottom modes. Finally in the element main control you can choose the Output mode as Mono, Anagliph, SidebySide L/R and T/B or OpenGL (only on supported machine) ( take a look here ).


Element.Map is available in two versions :

– The  Element Essential version with a minimal and essential GUI. It allows you to play just the 3d stereo content in sidebyside Left/Right in active mode.
– The Element.Map beta version 0.3.2 with 3 element channels and all the main features as well as the bin run only on Mac OsX.

Source Code :

Element.Map 0.3.2 beta  // Download the source code and Bin only for Mac OsX 10.8.x from Github [ Element.Map is available as source code and the Bin version is just for Mac OSX ]
Element.Map Essential LE // Download the source code and Bin  for Mac OsX 10.8 and Windows XP from Github. Compiled and tested with Microsoft Windows XP SP3. Code::Blocks project of source code are ready to be compiled under Windows machines.

Bin Version :

Element.Map 0.3.2 beta // Mac OsX
Element Essential LE 1.0 beta // Mac OsX
Element Essential LE 1.0 beta // Windows XP
Disclaimer : the master 0.3.2 version is unstable and may contain some bugs and is to use at your own risk with no guaranty. The project is open source so that the OpenFrameworks community can contribute to improve the project. We would be grateful if you could send us some user feedback as well as informations about the stereoscopic projects you have been using Element.Map for. As it is a work in progress project, the software could have some bugs. All the code is open source and is released under GNU GPL v.3 license. This means that you can use it for both personal and commercial projects and distribute it or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation.



You can use the 2 example images provided by putting them into the /data/images/ folder and testing them with element.Map 0.3.2 beta. Otherwise  you can browse and download some 3d stereoscopic video content in order to test it into element.Map at the following adress : http://goo.gl/rN7hu You can download two Open Source 3D scene projects (stereocam included) to test and experiment the software:

FBX 3D MODEL // Download

In case you use the scene, you have to give us credits and we would highly appreciate if you could send us your 3d stereo content (stills or video) in order to publish it eventually to our website.

AUDIO Be Invisible Now! // Download 

You can use this audio file exclusively for this 3d stereoscopic project, no other use is allowed. If you send us your video rendered in stereo mode we could organize a projection onto the Villa Arvedi building.


The project was initiated by Studio Roberto Fazio and has been made possible thanks to the exchange of knowledge and the cooperation of international figures such as :

Matteo Riva  : Creative Coder
Mauro Ferrario : Creative Coder
Eloi Maduell ( Telenoika/Playmodes) : Creative Coder
Be Invisible Now! : Sound Designer
Carlos Rojas Cuitino : 3D Artist
Luca Brioschi : 3D Artist
Mirco Bianchini : 3D Artist
Nicolò Bugatto : 3D model
Renato Todini : Logo Graphic Designer
Luigi Verdari ( Digital Network ) : Technical Director
Conte Arvedi : Villa Arvedi’s owner
Florian Raffenne : Beta Tester
Paolo Pasteris : Linux Programmer and Manual writer