Artistic residency/workshop on 3d Architectural Interactive Mapping + Kinect in VVVV

The workshop was focused on a search made by Roberto Fazio and Nicola Saponaro on interactive projection mapping and shared with the participants that were allowed to modify the patch of VVVV finalised by a projection of live video mapping managed in real time with Kinect

Tool developed in VVVV with sistem of management of the 3D model in real time, visualization virtual camera and possibility to modify the videoprojector’s characteristic, warping tools, HD supported , SAO and GI, Texturing and Lighting in real time managed by Kinect.

Location : Villa Zamboni, Valeggio sul Mincio Verona
Date : 7-8-9-10 Luglio 2011

Project made by Roberto Fazio and Daiana Salucci in collaboration with Associazione Humus and the sponsor of the city of Valeggio sul Mincio.

Teachers : Roberto Fazio ( , Nicola Saponaro ( )
Sound Designer : BeInvisibleNow ( )