In the occasion of the Festival of Philosophy at MaTa Modena I presented an interactive experience about boxe and sport competition.

The search for elegance in athletic movement, understood as a balance between body and mind, places man at the heart of a metaphysical space where he finds himself facing values such as loyalty, sacrifice, determination and sharing. Collective imagination rarely couples these concepts to the figure of the boxer, who is often associated only with physical strength.
Challenging his own physical limits, the athlete is driven to compete with himself and to learn how his opponent is his best ally, allowing him to find a relational balance with the other.In loneliness, fighting his way through boxing, a man can trigger dynamics able to enrich his own life.
Poetry and elegance are the highest values to which he aspires.

Client : Comune di Modena
Date : 16.09.2016 – 26.02.2017
Location : MaTa Museo della Figurina

Production : Roberto Fazio Studio
Creative Coder : Roberto Fazio
Creative Coder : Enrico Viola ( )
Sound Design : fuse* ( )

JR Programmer : Michel Collina
Graphic Design and Art : Jacopo Rosano
Light set-up : MetLab di Matteo Parenti
Hardware installation : Digital Network
Shooting : Jacopo Rosano

Some technical info:
The whole project was developed in Unity3D on Ubuntu Linux
We wrote around 5000 lines of code in one month using a experimental build of Linux Unity3D Editor.
2 IMU wireless interactive gloves are used to send OSC message to Unity3D application
For the Kinect depth map freenect lib was compiled as a custom .so libraray inside Unity3d and also for the DMX manager ARTNET lib was compiled as Unity Plugins.

Sound Track : Mount Kimbie, Carbonated