Weatherize is a simple data visualization installation that allows an immediate visual representation of meteorological data coming from a city. Users can interact choosing by Twitter their favorite cities using the hashtag#wtrz NameCity. In real time, the system returns the representation of weather conditions regarding temperature, humidity and wind speed at that precise moment, which change according to the city selected by the user.

It can ‘map’ objects or structures that follow the regularity of a grid, using a simple dedicated interface for the Ipad. The patterns generated by triangles create unique colors that vary at every selection of cities in acomputational way. The vertex of each triangle are anchored to the grid and follow the path with random behavior.

Triangle represents a mysterious basic shape used in symbolic patterns across cultures and times. It shows the four Elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air also representing the regularity of a stable element and the irregularity of a more elusive and intangible thing.
The triangle as the time: mysterious, uncertain and uncontrollable.

This shape is the most important factor in Weatherize, which is able to visualize meteorological data coming from user selected cities. The amount of triangles represents local temperature, the color represents weather conditions, the degree of opacity represents the local humidity and the speed of movement represents wind speed.

The code was entirely written in Processing 1.5.1, an open source programming language.

It consists of six main parts:

– The composition of the grid through keyboard commands or interface IPAD build with TouchOSC. The grid informations are stored into two text edit file, lineV.txt and lineO.txt;

– Receiving data from Twitter. We used the java library for the Twitter API. With Twitter4J, you can easily integrate your Java application with the Twitter service;

– Detection-time data via RSS feeds from Yahoo. The Twitter API functionality uses an oAuth system, which allows people to authenticate applications through a login at More info here.
(It’s recommended to replace the right authorization codes in order to run correctly weatherize);

– Creation of triangles with different attributes;

– Upload screenshots of the remote server triggered the arrival of a tweet. We used a DataUpload java class developed by Philippe Lhoste – PhiLho(a);

– color palette for the moment decided arbitrarily;


Weatherize is available as source code, and it has been tested on mac and windows 7.
Source code (git repository) here.
If you don’t like git, you can find a zip file here.

Weatherize is able to send to user their custom image corresponding to that particular time exclusive and unique, thus creating a generative web piece containing the collection of all the photos: