Until this day Projection Mapping expressed its potentiality only on static surfaces (whether an object or a building) transforming them into a screen derived from the unique geometry. But now things have changed. Surfaces move and the projection follow the animation. Projection Mapping has became dynamic: Arduino came up on the scene.

Under the direction of Roberto Fazio and Matteo Riva, each workshop participant will be able to realize independently its dynamic projection.
Following the inspiration of the process of handling software and hardware, simple circuits will be analyzed in order to experience the basics of Electronics and Processing, the Arduino functioning and the Physical computing.

The final goal is the practical realization of a dynamic system of Micro Mapping on rotating solids
controlled by the user in real time through a physical interface.

The workshop is addressed for interaction designers, tinkerers, creative coder and students who want to deepen how the Projectio Mapping can “talk” with the Interaction design (especially with the Physical Computing) and acquire the necessary tools to take advantage of these trials in enlarged contexts, both cultural and commercial.

A certificate of participation will be issued at the end of the workshop.


roberto_fazioRoberto Fazio is creative director, interaction designer and teacher.His work explores aesthetic and experiential possibilities of connection between the 3d visual mapping, interaction design and the creative programming code, aiming to create a visual experience which turn into a perceptive and sensorial path .
In the last years his research has focused on projects of 3d architectural mapping, where he minds the realization and implementation of three-dimensional content designed specifically for large buildings.
In 2011 he opened the Studio Roberto Fazio as a place of research and experimentation, based in Bologna,that operates in the interaction design sector.
The aim of the study is to disseminate a specific knowledge in order to make it collective and create a network where expand creativity by the interdisciplinary exchange.
The fields of research and interest are: Interactive Projection Mapping, Stereoscopic installation, Generative Art, Data Visualization, Creative Code


Matteo_rivaMatteo Riva was born in Borgomanero (NO) in 1983. He is Electronic Engineer, Interaction Designer and Creative Coder. From 2005 to 2009 he has been teacher of Electronics.
He studied as musician and actor by vocation, in 2006 he founded the theater company “Musical Box” for which he is the author, director and performer.The artistic inclination and the electronic skills led him to experiment Digital art and Interaction design applied in the field of theater.
Since 2010 collaborates with Zetalab in Milan, where he realizes interactive digital works in the theatrical field for advertising, educational or museum purposes. In 2012 is guest of the artistic research center Hangar in Barcelona, where he explores knowledge of digital art with Alex Posada. Since 2012 he has been collaborating with Roberto Fazio as a creative interaction designer and coder, with the aim to experiment new solutions for the realization of both artistic and professional innovative projects.



Friday, 19th October (2:00p.m./6:00p.m.)

  • IIntroduction to video mapping (overview and analysis of video mapping 1.0 projects and on the Interactive projection mapping)
  • Analysis of geometric and architectural structure
  • Photo survey and 3D modeling of the structure
  • Projectors and management technique, optical relationships between virtual camera and lenses
  • Setting the project and 3D virtual scene preparation with Cinema 4D
  • Presentation of the tool owner element.Map, media server for the management of active stereoscopic projection.


 Saturday, 20th October (9:30 a.m./ 6:30p.m.)

  • Basic concepts of electronics and signal theory
  • Passive and active electronic components, sensors and transducers
  • Arduino: analysis of the device and the environmental for the developing.
  • Creative electronics solder-less prototyping, tinkering and circuit bending
  • Semplici applicazioni pratiche con Arduino
  • Creation of interactive systems with Arduino


 Sunday, 21th October (09:30 a.m. /6:30 p.m.)

  • Processing and basic concepts of programming
  • Create interactive content with Processing
  • Arduino Library, Standard Signed and Serial communication
  • Micro Mapping Dynamic: hardware
  • Micro Dynamic Mapping: software
  • pplication of the concepts explored in an interactive complex installation with the use of the tool element.Map


All you need is a strong aptitude for experimentation and creativity. An advanced Electronics or use of Arduino knowledges are not necessary.
Familiarity with Processing or other programming languages/develop environments is preferred but not necessary.
PC (Windows, Mac or Linux it makes no difference ) and Arduino (Arduino UNO or Arduino Duemilanove).
If you haven’t Arduino please notify us in advance and we will supply you for the duration of the workshop.

If you want to buy Arduino: (official dealer)

Programsused during the workshop: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Processing, Arduino.
It is advisable to have the appropriate work tools already installed to speed up the set up.