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Our planet is literally enveloped by an artificial electromagnetic sheath that, as an immense and immaterial neural cortex, disseminate information and knowledge all around, in every corner of every known land.

This powerful and widespread global infrastructure is invisible to us, as it relies on satellite communication that, in its most part, takes places well behind the limits of our perception. Nevertheless, inside this apparently insubstantial sphere some of the most important processes of our time take place every second: entertainment, finance, military affairs, commerce, personal communication, scientific research, everything flowing inside this electromagnetic skin wrapped around the planet earth.

With this project we are trying to give visibility to a little portion of this immense and invisible system, mapping the technological device that relies at its core: the satellite itself. The interactive visualization shows the complete database of all the active satellites actually orbiting around the earth. Data are from Union of Concerned Scientists 

The vizualization is showing each satellite – represented as a short line – with its specific features: year of launch (position in the circle) and mass (line length). Interacting with the visualization you can discover other features such as nationality and purpose (military, commercial, ecc..)

This data-visualization is an ongoing project and is the final product of a three day workshop Adventures in data visualization part of the Educational programm in Interactive Arts and Technology.


Project page : http://www.robertofazio.com/2014/the-moon-is-not-alone/index.html

Workshop Leader : Fabio Franchino , Todo

Interview : http://www.robertofazio.com/presentazioneworkshop-06-fabio-franchino/

Credits :

Francesco Carletto
Roberto Fazio
Stefano Perna

Dataset source