Weatherize - what's your weather like

Custom images are taken in real time by Twitter users

Weatherize is a simple interactive projection mapping installation that allows an immediate visual representation of meteorological data come from any city. Users can interact choosing by Twitter their favorite cities using the hashtag #wtrz NameCity. In real time, the system returns the representation of weather conditions regarding temperature, humidity and wind speed at that precise moment, which change according to the city selected by the user. Weatherize is able to send to user their custom image corresponding to that particular time exclusive and unique, thus creating a generative web piece containing the collection of all the photos. It 'can' map 'objects or structures that follow the regularity of a grid, using a simple dedicated interface for the Ipad. The patterns generated by triangles create unique colors that vary at every selection of cities in acomputational way. The vertex of each triangle are anchored to the grid and follow the path with random behavior.

A project by Roberto Fazio and Gianluca Macaluso Weatherize.