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Last 5 October 2013 I was invited by Filip Visnjic  ( CreativeApplications.net ) and MIGZ Festival to host a workshop on Unity3d and projection mapping in occasion of the Educational Programme for the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Lights” in the Digital October Centre at the Red October district.

I had the good opportunity to meet and make friends know many artists and creative coders that I admire very much among which as Andreas Muller (Nanikawa), Klaus Obermaier (Exile), Alexandros Tsolakis (United Visual Artists), Elliot Woods (Kimchi and Chips), Peter Kirn (Create Digital Motion), Filip Visnjic (Creative Applications Network), Alexey and Alexander (MIGZ Festival) and many others…

The festival was focused mainly on the projection mapping and unfortunately I have to admit that it confirmed what I’ve been thinking for a long time : this kind of architectural projection mapping has became boring since there is no artistic and technology research and development neither. No More than a nice 3d render that communicates with the front and maybe that tells a story. In Russia this kind of performance is appreciated. In order to do not let this happen we need to trust in R&D. And I’m quite certain of it.

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WORKSHOP : Methodologies and Design of 3D Interactive Projection Mapping with Unity3d
This workshop is intended for video designers, designers, and students who want to learn how to develop professional video mapping projects for events, trade and cultural contexts. During the  workshop, the participants will learn how to realise a 3d interactive projection mapping project. 3D projection mapping is an experimental technique that transforms a surface, as an object or a building, into a screen where to project 3d video contents based on the surface geometry itself. In recent years it has became one of the most innovative and popular approach to video projections in various fields, from entertainment to marketing. During the workshop participants will analyse all the theoretical and practical aspects of mapping project development. The workshop will follow a reverse engineering process focusing on a work realised by Roberto Fazio.

The objectives include to learn all the various aspects/stages of a video mapping project, learn how to elaborate a video mapping project from end to end and finally an overlook of the new possible applications of this technique.

Workshop Requirements: Basic editing video knowledge and familiarity with 3d environments like Cinema4d or similar. It is appreciated though not required previous experience with any programming language or scripting. Laptop with Cinema4d r13, Unity3d 4.0 , Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. Additional plugins Cinema4d : Transform pluginNitroBake,

Unity3d : MegaFiersSyphon for Unity3d, OSCKinect (you can bring your own) kinect or elementMap or Millumin. The platform used during this workshop will be Mac OSX 10.8 . It is advisable to have appropriate work tools already installed to speed up the set up.